TLHM Street Lighting E-Auction Case Study

London Case Study for the procurement of Street Lighting Lamps, Columns and Electrical Testing and Inspection that was undertaken last year as part of a national UK exercise.

The Case Study indicates potential cashable savings for the 19 authorities that took part of around £270k a year. A Return on Investment (ROI) of at least 11:1 This could be increased to £500k a year if all 34 London authorities took part, with an ROI of 20:1.

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TLHM Lighting E-Auction

As part of a UK National initiative framework contracts for use by London Authorities are now available for lamps (ESPO Contract 59), columns (Contract 257A) and electrical testing and inspection (Contract 314) and can be accessed at All the contracts are for an initial period of two years with a possibility of a two year extension. Lamps and columns commenced in September, with electrical testing and inspection in  December 2011.

To access and make use of these contracts you will need to register with the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) at There is no charge to do this or to make use of the contracts. Where authorities have a works contract with a contractor for the maintenance of streetl ighting that includes the supply of the lamp/ column, the framework allows for the works contractor to access the framework agreement on the same terms and conditions. However, in these circumstances the authority will need to negotiate how much of the cost savings are returned to them with their works contractor. 

Potential savings range from 10-40% (see December's e-newsletter 8)

Further (Mini) Competition for lamps and columns not covered within the original contract may also be sought from the framework suppliers, either by quotation or e-auction, without the need for further notice and pre-qualification.

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