London Skid policy traing presentations to LOTAMB 3-12-12

LoTAMB are funding the second phase of the London Skid Policy, this phase of work is undertaking the several pieces of work pieces of work one of these pieces of work is training.


The training was undertaken by WDM on the 3rd December 2012 at the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, the training was split into five separate sessions;


Session 1      Introduction to skidding.

Session 2      London Skid project – Overview

Session 3      The principles of the London Skid policy

Session 4      The London Skid Project – Site Prioritisation

Session 5      Initial Investigation Exercise


PDF’s of the presentations are available below.

Download this file (LOTAMB training_2012_session 2.pdf)LOTAMB training_2012_session 2.pdf761 kB929 Downloads
Download this file (LOTAMB training_2012_session 4.pdf)LOTAMB training_2012_session 4.pdf408 kB875 Downloads
Download this file (LOTAMB training_2012_session 5.pdf)LOTAMB training_2012_session 5.pdf786 kB837 Downloads
Download this file (LOTAMB training_2012_session_1.pdf)LOTAMB training_2012_session_1.pdf774 kB1087 Downloads
Download this file (LOTAMB training_2012_session_3.pdf)LOTAMB training_2012_session_3.pdf676 kB1141 Downloads