DCLG Consultation on "Right to Challenge Parking Policies"

Following consultation with members and also with BPA members a combined response has now been submitted to DCLG as attached.

The submission to some extent repeats our submission to the December 2013  Parking consultation from DCLG/Pickles which has been downloaded from this web site over 340 times in draft or final version (please see older news stories from March 2014 - it was page 3 of 19 below on 13th Oct 2014). The draft version of this combined BPA/TAG  submission was downloaded 7 times. 

The DCLG consultation document is also attached for all

HMEP refreshes its website

HMEP has recently refreshed its existing website so that you can more easily access the efficiency resources, contact your HMEP advocates and find out more about the programme.

Updated sections include ‘About us’ which sets out the vision and aims of the programme as well as useful information, resources and how to get involved.

There is an updated ‘Efficiency resources’ section which contains a helpful A-Z of HMEP resources as well as all products clearly indexed under HMEP’s five themes.

Go to the website to see the updates –

DfT Consultation Response

Final TAG response to DfT Consultation on Transformation of the Highways Agency. Please email any comment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download this file (DfTCons-HAtrans-TAGresponse-201213-final.pdf)DfTCons-HAtrans-TAGresponse-201213-final.pdf156 kB0 Downloads

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