Submitted response to DfT on TSRG 2nd Oct 2015 consultation

A combined response between ADEPT and TAG was submitted to DfT written largely by our colleagues in TfL

Annual Presidents Seminar Presentations - Communicating to Improve Technical Services

Following a very successful Presidential Seminar at the Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel we have attached the presentation.
Attendees were able to see for the first time the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Progammes Incentivise Fund Capital Maintenance  - Self Assessment .
Along with some excellent examples of how to engage and communicate with Stakeholders.


TAG evidence to HOC Scrutiny Committee on Infrastructure Bill

As most members will probably know this Bill is going through parliament at present and includes provisions for the arms length Highways Agency and a Road Investment Strategy to greatly expand the trunk road system including near major urban areas, amongst other things.

TAG have previously made submissions to Government and the House of Commons Transport Committee about adverse and foreseeable consequences of the Government's Strategy and have accordingly made a submission which is now a public document available as HOC Infrastructure Bill Scrutiny Committee papers or as attached.

All may also want to know that the National Networks Policy Statement was published on 17th Dec

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