Seminar Tackling Potholes and improving Road Maintenance Sept 2017

This successful event run by CEPHAS involved the LoTAG Chair Satbir Gill.  The papers from the event may be useful to people in the field as attached. Please note we have permission to publish on TAG's website but these papers should not be reproduced without permission of CEPHAS.

TAG NE 2nd June 2017

notes of the meeting along with the presentations

Download this file (Connecting Tees Valley TAG.pdf)Connecting Tees Valley Presentation2081 kB127 Downloads
Download this file (NWC update presentation June 2017 -compressed.pdf)NWC Update1812 kB117 Downloads
Download this file (TAG NE Presentation 020617 - Jacobs - Technical Benefits from Collaborative Work)Jacobs Presentation655 kB118 Downloads
Download this file (TAG Safety Moment 2nd June.pptx)Safety Moment3479 kB122 Downloads
Download this file (TAGNE Minutes 02 06 17.pdf)Notes on Meeting24 kB220 Downloads

Our Junior Vice President has been busy recently - please see a couple of articles

John Lamb has written an article in the on line Transport Network and in the Surveyor.

Please see  and attachment.


Download this file (Surveyor Magazine - John Lamb Feb 2017 article.pdf)Surveyor Magazine - John Lamb Feb 2017 article.pdf2607 kB210 Downloads

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