Integration of planning and Sustainable Transport 13th Sept 2017 at CIHT Headquarters

TAG have been strongly supporting this CIHT led seminar.  

With NPPF Professionals in Counties, Unitaries, London and Metropolitan Boroughs and Districts have been struggling to reconcile the difficulties and work with the development industry and its Transport Professionals.

This seminar is not to be missed and does carry a discount for paid up TAG (and/or CIHT) members see booking code attached.

The draft programme is attached but full details booking etc is via the CIHT website

This  event will report on recent research, including a recent survey undertaken by CIHT as well as the opportunity to hear the views of both developers (including housebuilders) and local authorities on what needs to be done and how it can be delivered.

The UK faces many challenges: meeting its climate change targets, an uncertain economic future following the Brexit vote and improving peoples’ health for example. On the transport policy front there will be other challenges, for example the growth in vehicle ownership and use, encouraging greater walking, cycling and use of public transport. Better integration of sustainable transport with spatial planning can help promote healthier lifestyles through making walking and cycling much easier as well as enabling greater public transport use. But in the past integration has proved difficult.

In the future how will local authorities react to the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the need to develop Infrastructure Delivery Plans (IDPs) as well as Local Transport Plans (LTPs) so as to minimise the transport impact of new developments? Can developers and housebuilders be convinced of the merits of providing better facilities for sustainable transport (walking, cycling, buses etc)?

TAG NE 2nd June 2017

notes of the meeting along with the presentations

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Our Junior Vice President has been busy recently - please see a couple of articles

John Lamb has written an article in the on line Transport Network and in the Surveyor.

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