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LoTAG Group 2 annual conference

Documents for the LoTAG Group 2 annual conference held on 11th May 2015.

Download this file (10.10 John Paterson.pptx)10.10 John Paterson.pptx3003 kB561 Downloads
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Download this file (11.55 Dale Foden and Ian Hawthorn (Part1).ppt)11.55 Dale Foden and Ian Hawthorn (Part1).ppt191 kB433 Downloads
Download this file (12.05 Dale Foden - Robert O' Rourke (Part2).ppt)12.05 Dale Foden - Robert O' Rourke (Part2).ppt7847 kB357 Downloads
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Download this file (David Yeoell - LoTAMB Update - May 2015.pptx)David Yeoell - LoTAMB Update - May 2015.pptx325 kB590 Downloads

TAG AGM 21st May 2015 Bloomsbury Hotel nr Euston

The TAG AGM will be held at;

The Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel

12 Upper Woburn Place



WC01 0JH

On 21st May 2015 - from 5:30 PM 

Please see attachments for agendas etc

Please let Andy Morris TAG National Secretary (Andy Morris (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07503 178696) know if you will be there and also for the TAG Presidents Annual Dinner immediately afterwards (cost £30/head).

Please also be aware that the President's annual seminar/workshop is the next day at the same location (please see TAG News for details).

No central bookings have been made for hotels but there are many hotels in the immediate area.

Download this file (AGM-Agenda-210515.docx)AGM-Agenda-210515.docx69 kB362 Downloads
Download this file (AGM-Minutes-13-05-14.pdf)AGM-Minutes-13-05-14.pdf312 kB7 Downloads
Download this file (AGM-Minutes-21-05-15.pdf)AGM Minutes 210515175 kB0 Downloads

TAG Council 13th March 2015

Papers reports and minutes attached for members only

Download this file (Communications Officer report 13-3-15.pdf)Communications Officer report 13-3-15.pdf257 kB0 Downloads
Download this file (meeting notes 130315.pdf)meeting notes 130315.pdf331 kB1 Download
Download this file (Report of TAGNE 2 March 15.pdf)Report of TAGNE 2 March 15.pdf171 kB353 Downloads
Download this file (SVP report March 2015.pdf)SVP report March 2015.pdf35 kB0 Downloads
Download this file (TAG Council Secretary Report March 2015 (Appendix 5A).pdf)TAG Council Secretary Report March 2015 (Appendix 5A).pdf203 kB0 Downloads
Download this file (Trade151.xls)Trade151.xls40 kB0 Downloads
Download this file (Treasrep151.doc)Treasrep151.doc29 kB0 Downloads

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