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Here you can find agendas, minutes and papers for TAG and regional meetings.

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LoTAG Group 1 Meeting - 3 June 2015

Documents for LoTAG Group 1 Meeting to be held at 2:00pm on Wednesday 3 June 2015.

Download this file (LoTAG Agenda 3rd June 2015.pdf)LoTAG Agenda 3rd June 2015.pdf283 kB366 Downloads
Download this file (Minutes 3rd March 2015.pdf)Minutes 3rd March 2015.pdf258 kB361 Downloads

National Transport Committee 5th June 2015, Nottingham

There was a meeting of the TAG National Transport Committee on Friday 5th June 2015, at 10.30 am in Meeting Room LB41, Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham NG2 3NG. This was a joint meeting with ADEPT Transport members. Agenda and papers are below. There was a presentation by Nottingham City Council on their successful Workplace Parking Levy and the Powerpoint is included below.

LoTAG Group 2 annual conference

Documents for the LoTAG Group 2 annual conference held on 11th May 2015.

Download this file (10.10 John Paterson.pptx)10.10 John Paterson.pptx3003 kB434 Downloads
Download this file (10.40 Simon Pinkey.pptx)10.40 Simon Pinkey.pptx5005 kB354 Downloads
Download this file (11.20  Kunle Kolaru.pptx)11.20 Kunle Kolaru.pptx2465 kB543 Downloads
Download this file (11.55 Andy Pickett.ppt)11.55 Andy Pickett.ppt1708 kB516 Downloads
Download this file (11.55 Dale Foden and Ian Hawthorn (Part1).ppt)11.55 Dale Foden and Ian Hawthorn (Part1).ppt191 kB376 Downloads
Download this file (12.05 Dale Foden - Robert O' Rourke (Part2).ppt)12.05 Dale Foden - Robert O' Rourke (Part2).ppt7847 kB310 Downloads
Download this file (12.15 Andy Pickett (EmilySwinburn v1).ppt)12.15 Andy Pickett (EmilySwinburn v1).ppt1706 kB325 Downloads
Download this file (12.30 Paul Monaghan.pptx)12.30 Paul Monaghan.pptx1859 kB440 Downloads
Download this file (12.45 Dave Franks.ppt)12.45 Dave Franks.ppt3334 kB340 Downloads
Download this file (12.55 George Warren.pptx)12.55 George Warren.pptx69 kB476 Downloads
Download this file (14.30 Alex Sykes and Simon Eyers.pptx)14.30 Alex Sykes and Simon Eyers.pptx913 kB325 Downloads
Download this file (14.30 Simon Bailey Ringway Jacobs.pptx)14.30 Simon Bailey Ringway Jacobs.pptx1661 kB400 Downloads
Download this file (14.50 Hannah Marsh.pptx)14.50 Hannah Marsh.pptx747 kB413 Downloads
Download this file (15.20 Kevin Reid.pptx)15.20 Kevin Reid.pptx14067 kB327 Downloads
Download this file (David Yeoell - LoTAMB Update - May 2015.pptx)David Yeoell - LoTAMB Update - May 2015.pptx325 kB498 Downloads

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