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Download this file (Agenda 051214.pdf)TAG Council 5th December Agenda398 kB374 Downloads
Download this file (Articles for discussion and approval at at EGM Dec 2014.pdf)Proposed Amandments to TAG Constitution136 kB4 Downloads

TAG Council 13th March 2015

Papers reports and minutes attached for members only

Download this file (Communications Officer report 13-3-15.pdf)Communications Officer report 13-3-15.pdf257 kB0 Downloads
Download this file (meeting notes 130315.pdf)meeting notes 130315.pdf331 kB1 Download
Download this file (Report of TAGNE 2 March 15.pdf)Report of TAGNE 2 March 15.pdf171 kB318 Downloads
Download this file (SVP report March 2015.pdf)SVP report March 2015.pdf35 kB0 Downloads
Download this file (TAG Council Secretary Report March 2015 (Appendix 5A).pdf)TAG Council Secretary Report March 2015 (Appendix 5A).pdf203 kB0 Downloads
Download this file (Trade151.xls)Trade151.xls40 kB0 Downloads
Download this file (Treasrep151.doc)Treasrep151.doc29 kB0 Downloads

TAG Council Meeting 20th September

Council Meeting in conjunction with TAG Transport Committee meeting.

Download this file (Agenda-200913.pdf)Agenda-200913.pdf353 kB410 Downloads

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