Be Brave and Confident

Of those working to deliver highways services, many feel trapped and overburdened by financial challenges.  They've simply forgotten just how powerful and capable they really are to change things around.  Be brave and continue stepping forward to take positive action that redistributes the balance of power, for the benefit of all. 

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November Blog - How do we balance political sensitivity, proper professional advice and keeping a job?

I hope this blog is of some interest to members and has some questions at the end.

I and John would be pleased to hear any answers to the questions and we will keep your names (and authorities/ companies) confidential.

Also in a similar vein the blog itself is only accessible to members.

Andy Morris


Full circle to future funding opportunities

Well, here we go. Collaboration, partnership-working, cooperation, networking – familiar calls for organisations to work better together which have been rumbling on for some time now, but which are more relevant than ever in the current climate of stringent budget cuts and financial restrictions. In Belfast City Council, we’ve just concluded a three-year EU funded project and one of the salient lessons to arise from this was the importance of having a clear partnership arrangement and a sound structure…