Senior Vice President Satbir Gill's February 2011 Blog

Snow – as luck would have it, Hounslow’s heaviest December snow for many, many years coincided with my visit to India, lucky for me that is.  I’m pleased to say that all reports indicate that my deputies for the call-out role and our contractor performed well, with all the treated routes remaining passable at all times.  I wonder if I can pull the same trick next time.

The amount of money available for local government services is of course uppermost in all our minds.

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President Tim Walker's Blog

Wow, in looking through my TAG file I see it has been over a year since my first blog…

And what a year, we are formally in the “Age of Austerity” and much attention been given to how we, in the public sector, can share the pain borne by our mercantile counterparts in order to right the economy.  In this regard the Chancellor, Mr Osborne announced measures in June to speed up the repayment of the £150 billion odd of debt previously incurred. 

This will have an impact on both local and central government and yet we are being exhorted to ensure that front-line services are not compromised…  There will have to be a rebalancing of budgets and priorities between the different tiers and much ink is being, or will be, split on this endeavour later in the year as the next Comprehensive Spending Review emerges. 

Personally, I’ve been rather disappointed that so far, the opportunity to improve the UK’s sustainability and, for example, shift taxes away from “goods” to environmental “bads” hasn’t progressed further…but I guess that’s for another day.

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Blog from TAG Senior Vice President Satbir Gill

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) held their Summer Reception earlier this month, on 7thJuly at the Institution of Civil Engineers, London.  The reception started at 6.30pm on a gorgeous warm summer’s day which set the tone for the rest of the evening. I was privileged enough to attended this high profile event in place of Tim Walker, President of TAG, as he was unable to attend.

The event was full of celebrities! The evening was hosted by the Rt. Hon. Nick Raynesford MP, with presentations from the principal guest Mark Prisk MP&Minister for Business and Tony Baldry MP.

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