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TAG Background

The Local Government Technical Advisers Group is a professional association incorporated in 1995. It serves all levels of local government to cover the whole range of local authority technical services including:

  • Highways construction and maintenance
  • Lighting
  • Waste
  • Sustainability
  • Regeneration
  • Development
  • Transport Planning
  • Traffic, street scene and parking
  • Asset Management
  • Coastal and Fluvial erosion and flooding
  • Buildings and structures

TAG Membership enables employees in member organisations to play an active part in TAG. This not only strengthens the work TAG does, but also facilitates wider understanding of national and international issues within TAG’s membership. This also allows TAG to better represent the communities we serve.

TAG organisations are responsible for:

  • Over half the road network serving the major conurbations and Unitary authorities
  • Three-quarters of the brown field development land
  • Over half of the population of England and Wales.
  • Half of the coast line of England
  • Two thirds of the most susceptible areas to flooding

To achieve these aims, TAG works through its network of Regions, Technical Committees, Topic Groups and individual contacts to provide a hugely diverse and representative network of professional officers.

The focus of activity for TAG, through the network of TAG Members, is representing TAG member interests and providing advice to:

  • Technical professionals serving local government
  • The Local Government Associations
  • Central government through consultation and being part of working groups on specific issues

TAG achieves these objectives by developing policy and best practice through:

  • Research by individual officers and the work of TAG committees and TAG topic groups
  • The promotion of a seminar programme in conjunction with other associations or as standalone TAG events
  • Co-operation with other associations at a national, and where appropriate European and international level.

As mentioned on the home page various useful attachments can be seen as below including the business plan, the TAG constitution and the nomination form for the John Holdsworth award.



Download this file (TAG Business Plan October 2017.docx)TAG Business Plan October 2017.docx376 kB80 Downloads
Download this file (TAG-constitution-2015.pdf)TAG Constitution 2015135 kB655 Downloads
Download this file (The John Holdsworth Awards for Exceptional Service.docx)The John Holdsworth Awards for Exceptional Service.docx55 kB725 Downloads